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Panabo provides a full assortment of gifts and souvenirs products which incorporates a wide range of North America images and iconography.

From three dimensional products, Canadian made and incorporating recycled materials whenever possible, to bold and innovative designs on textiles and kitchenware Panabo products are of the highest quality and design integrity.

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Featured Product

Black Bear Mug: Ceramic Mug is offered in Black Bear design. Printed in Canada.  

Majestic Magenta

Bill Helin Killer Whale SHOT AND SHOOTERS: Shot and shooter glasses with maple leaf design. Printed in Canada.   The killer whale is the lord of the oceans and a symbol of long life.  It is believed that great...

Boma’s Best

Sea to Sky Collection Pate Knife: Recycled Glass Pate Knife. Sea to Sky Collection. Designed by Komoyue and Tlingt artist Corrine Hunt. Made in Canada.